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So I got this letter from Simple, which is probably the best bank replacement service I’ve ever tried (and still use), and it had a birthday balloon on it. My birthday is on September 2nd (2 days from now, at the time of writing), so I thought it was just a “oh hey cool happy bday thanks for using us” type of thing.

Let me be the first to say that I was completely blindsided by this.

Margaret was the first person that I talked to when I placed a help desk request about 3 months ago (which was responded to near-immediately, might I add), and we only spoke for about 5 responses in total (which included her amazement at us having the same birthday). In those responses, I learned that Simple is probably the best mix of professional and personal service that I’ve ever seen. Even with my 2nd help desk ticket from another employee, I experienced the same level of friendliness and professionalism.

Even though we had only spoken once, in a conversation that lasted 5 responses to and from each other, she still remembered my birthday, and she even wrote me a personal letter from Simple wishing me as such.

If anyone wants to be a part of this amazing experience, I still have 7 beta invites left. It requires an initial $200 deposit, but from firsthand experience, it’s most definitely worth it. That $200 will be able to show you just how you spend your money and even remind you where, when, and how you spent it. Your $200 deposit is still yours to spend—you just get to use this amazing service to have an entirely new and amazing spending experience. The video on their site shows how it works, but actually using it is an experience beyond description.

If you are interested in using this downright incredible service, just shoot me an ask with your email address. I’ll be giving away 4 invites and will be saving the rest for personal friends and family.

PS: They also gave me these cool little vinyl stickers in the envelope. Score!

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